Why Management?

Management as a subject has always fascinated me. I find it intriguing mainly because it deals with the complex nature of the human brain. It also involves every facet of business including investment, strategies, challenges, opportunities and above all people. In the current trend of globalization, management has a new perspective. It is about managing people and handling situations that are unique and this presents new challenges to the organization as a whole. Any global company will have a culturally diverse workforce and formulating policies to cater to their needs and to achieve employee satisfaction is a very daunting task. Also, the opportunities and challenges are very specific to a localized region and providing solutions for it can be a wholesome learning experience.

I see these challenges in every business, from a small retail shop to multinational organizations. I have always imagined the possible problems related to the business and the solutions that I can provide to those problems. I have drawn inspiration from many Management gurus and corporate leaders and I would like to start my professional career in their footsteps. The most fundamental aspect of achieving my dream is a degree in Management. I have always believed that a course in Management will give me a proper guidance and will help me to understand the different possible theories and frameworks that can play a vital role in coming up with a good solution to any organizational problem.


My Academic qualifications are one A*, one A, two Bs and four Cs at GCSE. I have worked for the Bank of Credit Suisse for 2 weeks and I have gained valuable knowledge during this period. This experience has taught me to communicate and interact with other people professionally . Due to my keen interest in Management, I subscribe to many Management Journals and magazines and this helps me to enhance my knowledge about the concepts, principles and practical examples related to Management.

Why choose me?

My passion for Management is the single motivational force for me to apply to your university. I am very strong in academics and I have the aptitude and ability to excel in the course. Along with my positive attitude and outgoing personality, a degree in management will help me to become a good leader. I am an avid reader and learner and this has helped me to expand my knowledge on diverse topics. I am a confident person who is ready to take on every challenge that life can throw at me in the path of success. I believe I am capable of reaching great heights, if given an opportunity. I am a very hardworking person and I will strive towards achieving excellence for your esteemed institution.

What Will I do With My Degree?

After the completion of my degree, I would also like to do a Master’s Degree in the same field. I believe my degree as well as the knowledge that I gained from it will give me a good leverage to surge ahead of my competition in finding a satisfying and rewarding job with a reputed company. I would like to use this work experience to learn the practical aspects of my theoretical knowledge and to implement it in real-world situations. I would like to be a good leader who can motivate his subordinates towards the common goals of an organization. This degree will also help me to refine my leadership qualities. After gaining some valuable experience working for a prestigious company, I would like to start my own company and be my own boss. I believe that this degree will lay the foundations for my eventual goal of starting and running a successful company.